How to Fix Dell Printer Drivers Problem? Dell Support number 1-844-881-6626

Dell printers are very reliable and known for their quality printing, but sometimes a problem like a driver error may affect the functionality of your Dell printer and you may experience an issue such as:

  • Can’t able to access the Dell hardware device
  • Computer not recognizing the installed Dell hardware device
  • Dell Printer not working properly

To solve this problem, you have to configure your Dell printer driver. You can solve this issue by following the mentioned steps:

Solution to Dell Printer Driver Issue:

If you are facing any trouble with the printer driver, you can solve it by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to drivers and software section available on Dell printer customer support page
  • Enter the model number of your Dell printer
  • It will provide you with some options of the relevant driver
  • Check the details to be sure that the driver is the latest one and it is for your Dell printer.
  • Furthermore, make sure that it supports your computer operating system i.e. Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Download the driver and install it on your system
  • It will solve the driver problem and you can start using your printer without a worry

Fixing Spooler Error for Dell Printers:

Although, you can solve the spooler error through the following steps, we strongly recommended you that let the professionals handle it.

  • Press “Windows Key” and “R”, type “services.msc” and hit enter. It will open a new window of services of your computer
  • Now look for the “print spooler” and open it
  • Check status and make sure it is set to “Automatic”. You need to change it to automatic if it is set to any other option.
  • Now, click on the stop button which is available on the same window and wait for some seconds
  • After that, click on the start button. It will restart the spooler services and solve the problem

If the problem still remains the same or you fail to solve how to Fix Dell Printer Drivers Problem on your own then don’t hesitate to contact Dell Customer Service support phone number 1-844-881-6626 to talk with the experienced experts and get help instantly from them. You can connect them through 24*7 support toll-free phone number.

How To Fix Paper Jam issues in HP Printers | HP Printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626

HP printers are well known for their efficiency and high-quality prints. Whenever big or small business users seek for a printer, HP is one the most recommended brand among the list of printers. These printers are reliable, affordable and ink-efficient, that’s why people prefer buying HP over many other good brands. HP continuously manufacturing world-class printers for its consumers by installing powerful and reliable hardware inside.

Printers may have many unexpected issues while using, Paper Jam problem is one of them. This problem can be very frustrating and hard to overcome but calling on our HP Printer Customer Support Number +1-844-881-6626 can be a remedy to all types of problems.

Many facts trigger Paper Jam issue in HP Printers-

  • Using bad quality printer paper.
  • Paper not installed properly in a paper tray.
  • Paper tray has been dislocated.
  • Installed large amount of paper in the tray.
  • Paper not positioned well in the line.
  • Use of low-quality ink-cartridges/toner.
  • Printer roller not working well.

To solve the paper jam problem in your HP printer, you can follow some recommended steps:

  • Unplug the power cable from the rear of a printer as well as wall, while the printer is ON.
  • Now remove all the paper from the tray or eject the whole paper tray.
  • Now check for a paper jam in your printer and take it out slowly, if found any.
  • By using a flashlight, look for any remaining paper particle.
  • Next install the paper tray and reload it with a supported amount of paper.
  • You need to be sure the paper tray is properly inserted and paper is in line.
  • Plug the power cable in the wall first, then the rear of the printer.
  • Wait till HP printer turns ON, else manually press the power button.

By doing the above task probably results unjamming the paper in printer and making it work again hassle-free. If your printer is too old, then you should use a blower to blow the dust away. A large amount of dust on the print roller will possibly result in Paper Jam.

If HP printer still has the same problem, then again perform hard reboot by removing the power cable from both ends and leave the printer OFF for 15-20 minutes. Now connect the wire back in and turn printer ON. Also, do not forget to eject and reinstall ink-cartridges during the diagnosis.

In most of the cases, these steps are sufficient to solve a Paper Jam problem in HP printers, but maybe there is still some paper stuck inside the printer and preventing printer to print. So, check again for any paper jam and next put a paper on the scanner glass and try to scan something. Now, you can print anything; will not have any further problem.

When you are in hurry and a non-functioning printer is stopping your workflow, and then contacting HP Printer Phone Number +1-844-881-6626 will be the best idea. Sometimes you are not ready to spend time on technical problems because you have something else to more importantly work on. Our HP printer experts will remotely connect with your PC and perform the repair with the help of printer diagnosis tools.

HP Printer Phone Number 1844-881-6626 HP Support Number

HP printer customers don’t need to worry about any issue with their any printer model. Our expert is right here to help you with instant solution for any problem with your device. You only need to contact HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number @+1-844-881-6626 (toll-free) for any query.

If your HP printer isn’t functioning properly, you are unable to find a solution to it. Contacting HP customer support professionals is the most ideal way to solve the printer issue. To reach the customer care you can contact the HP Printer Technical Support via call at 1844-881-6626. The experts would solve your concern in the quickest way possible.

How to configure Dell Printer with Windows 10 | Dell Support number 1-844-881-6626

Dell Printer is one of the most famous brands among others; Dell manufactured many peripherals like computer, printers, laptops, tablets, and others in recent days. The demand for Dell products is growing day by day because of the great performance, speed, advanced security, well designed and lots of other features. But being famous and widely used does not mean that, these printers are error free. Dell printers also deal with errors but these issues can be easily solved by the help of our Dell Support number 1-844-881-6626. Our certified technician will get to you and give you the exact solution to your problem.

Currently, The Dell printer is one of the leading printer manufacturing companies. Users of Dell printers may face some problems, but all these problems can be solved by some troubleshooting steps and by calling on our Dell Printer customer support number 1-844-881-6626.

One of the problems user faces is how to configure the Dell printer on Windows 10.

The configuration of Dell printer on Windows 10

Install a Printer in Windows 10

First, you need to be sure that you are using a high-speed internet connection. It will be best if you are using a LAN connection.

  • Plug in the power cable of the printer with power supply.
  • Click on Start on the computer screen and search for the printer device.
  • You can see your printer detected, while the latest printer drivers are installed from windows update.
  • If you are using a metered connection then scroll down in the page and click on the option to download drivers on a metered connection.

Troubleshoot printer drivers in Windows 10

When you face a problem with the installation and failure of a printer. Then,

  • Click on start in your computer screen and search for ‘Device and printers’.
  • Right click on the printer option and select troubleshoot. Then, when the wizard shows on the computer screen, click on Apply this fix.
  • Then wait till the problem gets resolved. After that click on Apply this fix again.
  • Then reboot your computer.

Now, as you have configured the Dell printer on Windows 10. You can do the printing task very easily. In case, you feel any problem while working with Dell printers, then talk to professionally trained technicians on our Dell printer toll free number 1-844-881-6626. These technicians are capable of providing you with the solution of any problem with Dell printers.

How to Solve Kodak Printer Spooler Error in Windows PC | Kodak printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626.

One of the most common Kodak printer issues in Windows is the printer spooler error. It affects the productivity of the Kodak printers, and a range of inkjet Kodak Printer Support Phone Number isn’t exempt thereto. The spooler is a Windows program, that stores print jobs temporarily in the storage drive of the pc and spools those to-be-printed files to the Kodak printer as and when it is ready to take printouts.

Sometimes, the spooler service runs into errors and affects the productivity of the Kodak printer. In that situations, you can do manually restart the spooler service in Windows computer tends to fix the Kodak Printer Spooler Error in Windows PC problem. You can do this in any Kodak printers.

Steps to Solve the Printer Spooler Error in Kodak Printers-

  • Start the Windows computer. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator when you starting the system.
  • When you log in to Windows, go to the to the Start button on the desktop and open the Control Panel
  • After opening the Control Panel from the search results, navigate to Administrative Tools. Double-click the shortcut titled Services. This will launch a new window, which contains a list of all available local system services in Windows.

Scroll Down to the Kodak Printer Spooler service from the list and open it.

Click on the link titled Start the Service to the upper left side of the window to manually start the Kodak Printer spooler Yet again, if you see that print spooler is running, you need to click the link titled restart the Service. Now, see to it whether the print spooler error in Windows computer is solved or not.

Apart from these steps, always be sure that you have configured the Kodak Printer and install the up-to-date driver of the device. For that, go to Kodak printer customer service number +1-844-881-6626.

The print spooler not running error is a temporary problem in Windows, which you can clear with these steps in many of the cases, but if Kodak Printer support or backup is required, feel free to contact our experienced professionals. We are available 24*7 to help you.

How to Solve HP Printer Wi-Fi not working | HP Printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626

Wi-Fi connectivity issues in printers are very common and it happens sometimes. It’s not a big problem; it would be wise to fix this problem immediately if you ever face it. This is a very well-known problem in HP printers and it can be solved if the proper steps are taken. Usually, it gets solved after restarting the printer, router, and computer. But in some cases, you are needed to carry out more steps or methods to tackle the issues. You will also get the help and assistance you need by contacting HP Printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626 and talking to the certified professional remotely.

There are 3 ways to handle this issue if you ever face it.

Method 1: Restart your computer, printer and the router.

This is one of the most common troubleshooting methods you will find to resolve this issue.

  • First, you need to restart the computer.
  • Then unplug the power cables from the printer and turn it off. Wait for 30 sec and turn it on and plug it again.
  • Now on the router. Unplug the cables and like the rest, wait for some half minute and plug it back on.

Method 2: Disabling the antivirus/ firewall.

Availability of antivirus or a firewall in your system can lead to a connectivity issue with the printer. This is because this antivirus software may restrict the connection of the printer to the computer. So, disable it till the time you are done with your printing work is recommended.

Method 3: Problem with the hardware.

Check your computer and printer for any hardware issue because this may result in connectivity problem with the Wi-Fi. Run a hardware diagnostics on your computer to pinpoint the root issue of the hardware problem.

These are some best steps or check-ups you can do to resolve Wi-Fi issue on your HP printer. If you can still see traces of the issue, you can talk to the technicians at HP Printer Phone Number +1-844-881-6626 to get customized assistance from certified employees.

How to Setup & Configure a New HP Printer? HP Printer Customer Support Number +1-844-881-6626.

HP is a well-known brand to provide a variety of printers and all of them have impressive features. Among other products, HP printer is one of the best printers. It is loaded with an immense feature along with a great interface. But sometimes users come across a problem like they can’t able to Setup and configure a new HP Printer on their own. So, to solve such problem you need to get help from our HP Customer Service. Dial our toll-free number HP Printer Number +1-844-881-6626 and contact our experts for any assistance and support.

A new HP printer setup, installation, and configuration is a very easy task that can be done by following the setup guide. Each new HP printer comes with external peripherals such as Ink-Cartridges, USB wire, Power Cord, Device Manuals, HP printer software & driver disk etc.

Follow given instructions in the manual. If you lost the installation guide and you don’t know what to do? Then contact on our toll-free HP Printer Customer Support Number +1-844-881-6626 and talk with our online expert regarding this issue. We have also given some easy instructions to Setup & Configure a New HP Printer.

How to Setup HP Printer Installation Steps:

  • First Unbox HP printer and pick the device manual guide.
  • Now Plug-in the power cable in the device and wall socket.
  • Then press the power button and turn the printer ON.
  • After that get ink-cartridges and remove plastic covers from their edges.
  • Then Open the printer panel and install ink-cartridges.
  • Take paper and place them in the tray.
  • Now insert software & driver disk in your computer’s DVD player.
  • Agree to terms & condition of HP software installation and proceed.
  • Now follow on-screen instructions.
  • In the next step choose the type of connection for the printer.
  • Now select USB or Wireless Printer.
  • Then connect your HP printer using USB wire to the computer.
  • Then proceed further for final configurations.
  • Finally, successful installation of HP printer, print a test page for confirmation.

If your computer does not support DVD disk, then download free HP printer drivers online at from HP official website

Dial HP Printer Support Phone Number for Any Help and assistance:

Sometime, there can be some problem that may interrupt the installation of your new HP printer. Also, if your printer did not come along with USB wire, then you need to follow another guide for wireless installation of HP printer or you can contact HP Printer Customer Service Number +1-844-881-6626 for online help as well as ask them for missing USB wire in the box. So whenever you need any assistance regarding HP printer just dial our toll-free HP, Customer Support Number and get quick and fast support from our HP printers technical experts.

How to Resolve the Kodak Print head Failure Error Code 105-3802?

Kodak is a very well-known printer brand in the world, but sometimes you may face some annoying error with it that prevents you to prints your documents and files. The error is: – “Print head Failure Error Code 105-3802”.  To resolve this error you can call at Kodak customer support phone number +1-844-881-6626 or follow the given below steps.

Steps to Resolve the Print head Failure Error Code 105-3802:-

1. First, you need to Upgrade your printer software to the up-to-date version to do this first of all find and select the software for your printer and then follow further instructions to install the software.

2. If your printer software is already updated, then press your printer On/Off button from the control panel. Now, from the back of the printer, you have to disconnect the power cable -> please wait 10 to 15 seconds and then reset the printer by connecting the power cable to the machine. After this, please turn on the machine again by pressing the On/Off button.

3. If the error still continues, you need to open the printer access door and then take out as well as install the print head gently. After this close the printer access door and follows the instructions of the on-going screen to standardize the print head.

If the error still remains, contact us at our Kodak printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626.

With Our Kodak printer technical support, you will be completely ensured that you get the best available services. Our technical support is offered only with highly experienced, educated and proficient technicians so, you don’t need to worry for any of the problems. Our mentioned toll-free Kodak Printer Customer Service Phone Number  +1-844-881-6626 would lead you straight to these experts who will first listen to your problem, diagnose it and then carry on to solve it through remote access. Call us immediately for Kodak related technical support you want to avail.

How To Clean Printer Heads | Printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626

Printers are great and very useful when they run smoothly, but at times, when they don’t deliver the most effective outcome that they are required to perform, it will be extremely frustrating for the users. The Print head is the center of the entire printing system. The printer heads of your printer is a component which needs to be handled with care. Thus, even the tiniest of the specks of mud and dirt will accumulate within your printer heads and create the full system to malfunction. Hence, a way to clean printer heads is one such question that is encountered by users in recent times.

These are some Process of How to clean printer heads

There are several troubleshooting ways that will help you to resolve your issue regarding how to clean the printer heads. Thus, we provide the best ones for you. Follow the given steps to clean your printer heads once and for all.

Process 1: Using Self-cleaning On Windows

Firstly, go to Start and then click on the Windows logo.
Now, type Control Panel and click on it.
Then, click on Devices & Printers option.
Now, open the Printers menu and right-click on Epson printer and select the Properties option.
Then, you’ll see Hardware/Maintenance tab. Click on Cleaning option.
Now, you will find Clean Heads/ Clean Cartridges option.
Then, click on the Head Clean option.
In case, while trying to clean your printer head, if you can’t find the Clean Head/Clean Cartridges option, then your printer may not have the self-cleaning option.

Process 2: Using Self-Cleaning On Mac

Begin with the Mac menu, press and hold the Apple logo and click on System Preferences option.
After that, click on Printers & Scanners option.
Now, select Printer and click on Options & Supplies option.
Then, click on Utility and select the Open Printer Utility.
Finally, click on “Cleaning” option.

Process 3: Using the Manual Cleaning Procedure

After starting with the manual way of clean-up, you need some items such as Isopropyl alcohol, Water, A bowl or pie in, Paper towels.

First, Switch off your printer and unplug it. Then, remove the Cartridges. After that, take away the Print Head unit from your Epson printer. Now, you have to create a 50/50 mixture of water and alcohol. Then, pour the mixture into a bowl. Place the printer head into the mixture and leave it alone for a minimum of 5 minutes. Finally, dab the print head on a towel reset the printer head into the printer. Now, check the printer head, if the problem still prevails, then apply the following step.

Need more help? Get In Touch With Our Technical Support number
You face troubles while applying the above procedures and steps. In that case, trust on professionals to determine your issue, Printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626 we have a group of high-qualified technicians who can assist you. To instantly connect with us, avail any of the subsequent modes of communication. Give us a call at Printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626 and accurate method to resolve your problems regarding how to clean printer heads. Our services are very affordable. Our services are open 24*7 at your service.

How to solve Paper Jamming Problem in Lexmark V305 Printer?

This is a very irritating situation when you stick with your Lexmark printer paper jamming errors. It affects productivity, particularly when you are working on a tight schedule or dealing with your important business. There are many reasons for this error like torn, incompatible and wrinkled and dump paper. These errors are very irritating, they are come from time to time but by following some certain things, this difficulty can be solved as much as possible. Lexmark printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626 are available, so eliminating the jammed paper issue is an easy procedure in this printer. But if you are a new user and don’t know how to solve this problem, do not worry our online Lexmark Printer Support team is available 24*7 to help you to solve this error easily. Follow some important instructions given below to solve this error:-

Click on “Power” button to turn off Lexmark Printer.
Then disconnect the power source from the main.
Now you have to open the device body gently.
Then draw out the stack cautiously.
If it is stuck in the drawer, then you need to try to pull out it lightly.

If you are not able to apply this action, you need technical assistance then you can connect with our Lexmark printer support number +1-844-881-6626 to get proper technical assistance immediately.

If the stack isn’t seen, then raise the scanner to access the sheet. You have to be confirmed that you have removed all the torn and trapped piece of paper.

You have to put the sheet of papers on the flat surface and make it in the appropriate condition, confirm that paper you are using compatible with your printer. Also, this should be in the same size and type.

You have to close the scanner and reload the sheet. Push lightly to place papers in the acceptable position. Now you have to turn on the device and reprint the documents once more. Now, it works properly and provides sensible print quality.

All above explained steps are the basic instructions by the experienced printer technicians. But it could be other issues for this error. If your problem still not solved with this procedure explained, you can take help from printer experts. Just by dialing toll-free Lexmark printer phone number +1-844-881-6626 you can connect with our trained and experienced printer technicians to get instant technical support for any problem. This toll-free number is the best option for you to get instant assistance.